Treatment of wastewater has typically been neglected as an important element of industrial practice. End-users are primarily focused on the efficiency and quality of their output or product; they do not have in-house expertise in water treatment and tend to regard wastewater streams as an inconvenient by-product. They consider wastewater streams to be particularly complex in terms of their composition, often requiring a water specialist to treat them effectively.  As a technology providing company with a strong expertise in wastewater management, SEALEAU can provide relief to these industries.

Tighter regulation and permits

Industries struggle with wastewater management issues and permits. This results in increased costs, related either to wastewater treatment costs or potential fines. They currently discharge salty wastewater into (sub) surface water, seawater and sewage. Desalination is the only technology able to remove salts and purify raw water. However, the result of desalination is a more concentrated salty wastewater is the result, which increases the impact on the problem further. A technology that removes/recovers salts from the wastewater generated from industries is missing on the market today. SEALEAU technology generates no waste-water streams. It takes all the salty wastewater of an industry and converts it completely into useful end products. For industries this means that current limitations to increasing production capacity due to dumping wastewater regulations will be eliminated. This also provides an opportunity to increase production capacity.

Integration with waste heat

For the treatment of salty wastewater, we use low-grade heat that is readily available in many industries. It is estimated that 20-50% of the energy used in industrial processes is lost in the form of hot exhaust gases, cooling water and heat losses from equipment and products. We can easily integrate this form of energy into our process and provide a cost-effective way to produce water. At the same time, valuable minerals are recovered that can pro-vide another significant revenue.

Scarce water resources and water competition

SEALEAU helps industries to provide process water by other sources than local water resources. This alleviates the local water stress and reduces water competition between the industry and other water users such as citizens and agriculture. By using our technology, industries will increase their water efficiency and improve their Corporate Social Responsibility performance.