SEALEAU B.V. is a Dutch company of Greek origin that exploits the results of two successfully completed European projects with a total budget of €1.3M. With this budget, the SEALEAU team designed, developed and demonstrated a technology for efficient salty wastewater management and recovery of resources.

Our technology will provide a highly innovative solution in the industrial wastewater market. This market is growing; it has a market value of 15 billion euro in 2015, of which $7 billion is spent on treatment technologies. The serviceable market for SEALEAU is concentrated on dissolved solids removal which accounts for 15% of this market. This market is dominated by desalination industries, but there is a significant segment related to brine concentration.

This segment is driven by regulation restrictions as well as water stress and it has a value of two billion euro. The SEALEAU technology offers a solution to both challenges: we secure compliance with regulations since the wastewater is eliminated and we recover high quality, fit-for-purpose water. Our technology has already been demonstrated at pilot scale in Greece.